GLOUCESTER (CBS) – An elementary school principal in Gloucester is apologizing for a controversial Halloween display at a school party.

The parent teacher organization hosted a fundraiser at West Parish Elementary School Friday night and one of the parents brought in a bean bag toss game that included fake tombstones.

One of them had the name “Don Trump” on it.

Offended parents sent pictures to Massachusetts Republican Party committeewoman Amanda Orlando Kesterson, who shared one of the photos on Facebook.

(Photo credit: Amanda Orlando Kesterson – Facebook)

“Politics does not belong in an elementary school–any politics,” she told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kendall Buhl. “But it’s particularly egregious to be putting the name of the sitting US president on a tombstone.”

Principal Dr. Telena Imel apologized in a letter to parents.

“Intentionally or not, it inappropriately brought a political agenda into what was designed to be a fun family affair,” Imel wrote.

“Our school, and this includes school events sponsored by related groups, is not the place for politics. In planning future events, it will be made clear to organizers that school is not the place to engage in or to display political agendas or opinions.”

The parents involved have since apologized, and Kesterson says she’s satisfied.  She feels the resulting discussion over what is appropriate political commentary has been a good thing.

“The City of Gloucester does not condone political messaging within our schools.” Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken said in a statement Monday.

“We share the sentiments outlined in recent school administration statements and have made our expectations clear. We support the Superintendent’s Office in their efforts to provide a meaningful resolution and believe that the school administration is responding appropriately toward our community.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kendall Buhl reports

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  1. The principal should commit harakiri it’s the honorable thing to do!

  2. Jack Riley says:

    Disgusting, whether you like trump or not.

  3. Kevin Pyle says:

    Another domestic idiot

  4. asudad90 says:

    These are the liberal idiots killing our country and screwing up our kids.

  5. The left are child abusers.

  6. Let them have their fun…WE have the White House.

  7. What comes out of your mouth, is exactly how you are feeling in your heart.Apologies are skin deep, like beauty.Hypocrites.

  8. Were the children allowed to dress up as Pocahontas? Or is that culture appropriation, and only allowed for senators?

  9. A Secret Service visit will teach ’em a lesson and take the “fun” out of it.

  10. Zeke Bleeker says:

    If the Halloween prop had alluded to the then-instigator in the White House during the Obama regime, the Secret Service would have rewarded the parents with a nice formal visit. Little doubt about that.

  11. Just image how the excrement would have hit the fan if it was Obama’s name. No one should wonder why we are in the state we are in. Very sad.

  12. Willam Nat says:

    I heard Congresswoman Wilson was listening in on the principal’s conversation and heard it was a different “Don Trump” and that it wasn’t a tombstone but “happy stones”

  13. Don Steele says:

    Well..figures for Boston. And as someone who LIVES IN SW FLORIDA…where the RED SUX “play spring ball”…..I DON”T WANT YOU INVADING MY TOWN……..STAY AWAY!!!

  14. Jack Frost says:

    Who would have guessed that one of our Progressive Taliban would think it A-OK to do something disgusting like this? No one should wonder why the majority of mid-America (by area, virtually 98%) voted Trump… Our Progressive Taliban suffer from tunnel vision and arrogance – the downfall of MANY.

  15. rytwinger says:

    Apology NOT accepted. They need to FIRE the a$$wipe…..

  16. Yirmin Snipe says:

    You can be certain that the teachers responsible for this will be pushing their political beliefs to the students on a continual basis all year long… That’s the way brainwashing works, you tell kids long enough that liberal are right and they will believe it no matter how wrong it really is.

    The teachers responsible should be removed.

  17. Man, I swear you conservatards and libtards cry about anything that bashes your dear leader.

  18. use hillary, obama, and bill, then see whar would happen…

  19. Bessie Funk says:

    The Coastal Party formerly known as the democrat Party is all about violence and good luck if they think that’s a good strategy. Severed heads, shooting half the Republican softball team, threatening to blow up the WH, Missouri Senator outright calling for assassination, twitter death threats. You are not taking this loss very well huh…read “What Happened”…nevermind, ill save you the $24…Ill tell you What Happened…she LOST

  20. No surprise. This is who the radical liberals are. Very mean-spirited, divisive, emotionally undeveloped, hate filled, people. Sad and pathetic.

  21. Ron Kirk says:

    “..Principal Dr. Telena Imel..”. Let me guess what race.

  22. Ron Kirk says:

    I’m sure each tombstone will get a ‘participation’ trophy.

  23. this shouldn’t be but became a story that was too highly elevated.

  24. Bill Smith says:

    And what do you think would have happened if a white conservative school principle had a tombstone with the name Barrack Obama on it, during his administration? I’m pretty sure the parents would have marched on the school, and the teacher would have been fired.

    That’s what should happen here.

  25. Middle and even elementary school is where kids are learning that your gender is based on how you feel on any particular morning. I guess I’m old but when did people start doing this to kids? Let them grow up, they’ll have the opportunity to jump in the political fray soon enough.

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