BOSTON (CBS) — Dog owners showed off their creative side for the 7th Annual Canine Promenade.

The dogs and many owners sported Halloween costumes at Sunday’s event.

The costume parade was put on by the Esplanade Association, a nonprofit that helps upkeep and improve the Esplanade area.

Owners told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that they thought long and hard about how to dress up their canines.

“I think it matches his personality,” said one woman who dressed her dog as a bumble bee. “He’s got a lot of energy.”

Karen and her daughter dressed up their dog as a sea captain complete with his own ship wagon.

“My daughter, Ashley thought of it, she’s the creative one. She found the costume and worked the wagon and everything around it. So he’s the admiral of the navy and we’re the sailors working under him,” explained Karen.

Other canine costumes? A red lego, a tootsie roll, a unicorn, a sushi roll, a park ranger, and a pilgrim, just to name a few.


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