MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – A New Hampshire man shot and killed a pit bull that chased after him and attacked his dog.

Two pit bulls that had gotten loose from their owner were running in the area of South Taylor Street and South Belmont Street.

Richard D’Amour was walking his 5-year-old lab mix named Molly in the neighborhood when he saw the aggressive pit bulls ahead of him.

dog2 Man Fatally Shoots Pit Bull To Stop Attack

Molly was attacked by a pit bull (WBZ-TV)

He turned toward his home and began to run with his dog, but the pit bulls gave chase.

A driver on the street unsuccessfully tried to turn his car into the path of the dogs to slow them down.

Manchester Police said the man made it to his rear porch when the pit bull named Luigi attacked and latched on to Molly.

“The dog caught her right at the top and clamped on the back of her neck,” D’Amour said.

D’Amour and the Good Samaritan tried to separate the dogs, but were unable.

nh Man Fatally Shoots Pit Bull To Stop Attack

Richard D’Amour (WBZ-TV)

“He wouldn’t let go and I thank God the other guy who stopped me, he came and helped me, we tried to separate the two dogs and we just couldn’t and this guy’s a big guy he was punching the living hell out of the pit bull and it wouldn’t let go so then I pulled my weapon out and I shot the dog,” D’Amour said.

Molly’s owner took out a pistol that he is licensed to carry and shot one bullet into Luigi’s upper torso, killing him. The second pit bull did not get involved in the altercation.

D’Amour was also bitten during the struggle. He says Molly has two serious wounds.

“It’s an unfortunate incident but thank God I was carrying,” D’Amour said.

The owner of the pit bulls arrived in the area and was cooperative with police. The dogs had current vaccination records and their owner said he was out trying to corral them at the time of the incident.

D’Amour said the owner of the dogs told him he did the right the thing.

Police say witnesses confirmed the story and at this point there are no charges.

Comments (4)
  1. Good thing you were carrying and knew how and when to use.

  2. Jim Gibson says:

    Just to be clear….A license to carry is no longer required in New Hampshire but the state will still issue you one.

    1. Mitchell Ota says:

      That’s right. NH is now a Constitutional Carry state now, like my VT home state.

  3. Lisa Padgett says:

    Yet another Hero With A Gun. People are getting smarter.

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