LOWELL (CBS) – A seven-year-old boy has died after he was attacked by two pit bulls in Lowell Saturday night.

The attack happened at a home on Clare Street shortly after 6:00 p.m.

A dog killed a child on Clare Street in Lowell (WBZ-TV)

Police say the child was attacked after entering a fenced in area where two pit bulls were present. The child was dead when police arrived at the home.

One neighbor says he ran outside when he heard a woman frantically screaming for help. “This lady was in there and she’s hitting the dogs with a stick,” the man told WBZ-TV. “The dogs wouldn’t let go of the kid they were dragging him around like a rag doll.”

One of the dogs escaped the enclosed area after the attack. It was later found and euthanized. The other pit bull is in the custody of animal control.

The child has not been identified.

No charges have been filed. The incident is being investigated by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, Lowell Police and State Police.

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  1. Lisa Padgett says:

    WTH – Remember when you used to be able to play and if you lose a ball, go into a yard to retrieve it? Back in the day, there weren’t Pits in suburbia. NO ONE should risk being murdered by an ugly beast for entering ANYONE’s yard.

    1. Hannah Honey says:

      Now insane people say kids deserve to die for not respecting property boundaries, and parents deserve to lose them for bringing them up wrong, and the dog was “protecting his property.”
      A pit loose, alone in a yard should never be accessible to a child. The child may view it as just like any other dog rather than a deadly weapon. It should fall under the attractive nuisance law/code.

  2. Lucy Muir says:

    These are zero margin of error dogs. Cue the pit nuts who think it is AOK to have something deadly in their yard and say that a kid “deserved” to be killed by it. Like leaving a hand gun out – oh the kid who killed himself with it deserved to be dead.

  3. There is NO need for pit bulls to even exist. Their job and entire purpose for having been created, dog fighting, is a felony in all 50 states of the USA. They are grotesque and should be spayed and neutered out of existence without delay. They are WORTHLESS for anything useful and good.

  4. Why does this have to happen in order to educate people about pit bull dogs? Pit bulls were bred for over a century to kill their own kind. They are the psychopaths of the canine world.

  5. I used to believe the propaganda that the problem was always with the pit bull owners, not the dogs themselves. Then it hit close to home in 2014 when my father’s dog was murdered by a pit bull. I know it doesn’t really compare to dead child, but that dog was his whole life, and he died himself a year later. Here’s the story as told by Beth Germano on this very TV station. Watch the hurt and pain that this caused him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtPZR3MysRc&list=FLr9sqaWls5lLlTUQWVufNKA&index=2

  6. How sad it is for both families. I pray for them both fiercely to God above to bring them as much comfort as possible. You all want to just think of the kid and yes I am so sad he had to die, it is a huge tragedy. His parents have to live with the fact they lost their son. The pitties owners have to live with what their dogs did and then the loss of them as well. Our dogs are like kids to us. I know you are all gonna spew hate towards me, but I love my dogs, yes one is a pit bull and he is the gentlest guy ever. He is the light of my life and would not hurt anyone unless they were hurting him or myself. So many questions are raised here. Has these dogs been tormented through the fence by kids? Maybe even this kid? Why did the kid go into the yard to begin with? Where were the parents? Why were the dogs on guard? How were they trained? You really have to look at all sides before JUDGING anyone or any situation. Only God reserves that right.

  7. My heart goes out to the owner of the dogs who is loosing two members of their family because some parent didn’t pay attention to their kids. Pittbulls are very well behaved, protective dogs. My cousin has had one for over 10 years, very well trained and well behaved. Loves kids, great playmate for her little boy. There’s nothing wrong with the breed of dog. I mean the dogs were on leashes in the owner’s yard, behind a fence. If the parents had been paying attention to their children there wouldn’t have been an issue. I hope the investigation looks into where the parents where and why they weren’t watching their kid when he went onto another person’s property. They said this was a younger child with an older sibling, I’m hoping protective services is looking into making sure their other child/children will be in a safe home where they won’t be neglected / let roam about unsupervised and trespass on other people’s property.

  8. Jessica Bear says:

    I blame the parents where the blame belongs. You didn’t watch your kid, you let your kid go over someone fence. So your child trespassed and cops killed the dog. The parents should have be killed instead. The dogs were safe in their own yard. I would sue the parents of the kid for my dog being murdered.

    1. Typical pitbull owner mentality. Gotta love it.

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