BOSTON (CBS) – Hundreds of students at Boston College walked out of classes Wednesday to protest what they perceive as a lack of action by the administration after racist incidents on campus.

Two Black Lives Matter posters in a residence hall were defaced recently. The word “don’t” was added to the posters so the posters read “Black Lives Don’t Matter.”

The students living in the dorm posted a new sign reading, “Dear racist people, instead of writing on our sign, don’t be a coward. Knock and we can have a conversation.”

banner defaced courtesy emma linville Boston College Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Racist Incidents

Defaced Black Lives Matter sign at Boston College (Photo Courtesy: Emma Linville)

A photo with racial slurs posted on Snapchat is also circulating around BC.

While some of these actions are blatant, students say others may not be.

“When people ask me if they can touch my hair, when people automatically assume that I like rap, and hip hop music because they ask me if my father is in my life because I’m black,” Berlindyn Elie, a freshman, explained.

“Someone doesn’t have to come in to my face and call me the ‘N’ word for it to be acknowledged my school,” student Nina Boindo added.

On Wednesday just before noon, several dozen students walked out of class during an informal protest and gathered at the center of campus.

bc1 Boston College Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Racist Incidents


Members of the crowd chanted “No justice, no peace. No racism at BC!”

The university did comment on the Wednesday’s walkout and the latest incidents.

Students are asking for a response from the university expressing how they feel does matter.

“We’ve shown them ways in which they can be a more culturally inclusive campus and they continue to deny that there is a problem at all,” Kimberly Ashby explained.

bc2 Boston College Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Racist Incidents


Students held a banner that read “No such thing as neutrality #TakeAStand.”

A solidarity rally is scheduled for Friday on campus.

“I think the school’s silence has only enabled that behavior,” Tchorzky Eugene  said.

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  1. Race leveraging is a far greater problem in America today than actual racism.

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