WALPOLE (CBS) – The decorations are out and Halloween is two weeks away but there’s controversy at Boyden Elementary School in Walpole. The school will not be having its annual Halloween costume parade this year.

“I think it’s a lot of political correctness,” a Walpole woman said. “I think it’s a shame because Halloween is the funnest day of the year next to Christmas for children.”

In a message to parents the school principal says, “…the costume parade is out of our ordinary routine and can be difficult for many students. Also, the parade is not inclusive of all the students and it is our goal each and every day to ensure all student’s individual differences are respected.”

On Friday the school will have a Halloween party after school hours, but the school says Halloween itself will be “Black and Orange” spirit day.

Parents WBZ-TV spoke with are not happy about the decision to cancel the parade.

“We have grand-kids going to Boyden School. Wonderful school,” a grandmother of a student said. “The Halloween party should happen on Friday cause all the kids are excited.”

“Put a costume on. Parade down the street. Let them have their little time,” a Walpole man said. “Why do you have to turn it into something political?”

Last month a school in Needham canceled Halloween events.

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  1. Steve Hollar says:

    Yeah let’s just destroy everything. These idiot liberals don’t realize what they are doing, in the name of diversity. The parents and kids should rebel against the administration and show up with customers and carrying signs saying, “Happy Halloween”.

    1. Jason King says:

      What makes you say it’s liberals? Conservatives are the ones that think it’s ‘devil day’. Why do you think liberals complained and not conservatives?

      1. Gary O'Neal says:

        “…the costume parade is out of our ordinary routine and can be difficult for many students. Also, the parade is not inclusive of all the students and it is our goal each and every day to ensure all student’s individual differences are respected.”

        This is liberal, PC “inclusiveness” at its finest. Inclusive to the point of excluding everyone. This is clearly liberal-think. As I’ve noted elsewhere, Christians tried for decades to get Halloween out of the schools. They just needed to be patient and let the leftists do the job for them.

      2. Think? I suppose it’s not the ‘high mass’ for the worship of Satan. There is no need to think about what is widely known. Or perhaps it’s only you that doesn’t know.

      3. Hmmmm…I grew up attending a Catholic school through college. Halloween falls on the eve of All Saint’s Day (Nov. 1) and All Soul’s Day (Nov. 2), and we were taught not to confuse the festivity with paganism. Fr. Steve teaches that the origin and traditional customs associated with Halloween require no other explanation than that they are examples of the kinds of festivity that served as a means of celebrating the various holy days of the Catholic Liturgical Year. This includes everything from masquerades, feasting, and the associations of a given day of the year with supernatural or spiritual truths.

        I would draw a distinction between the violent, macabre imagery that characterizes the modern appropriation of Halloween as a kind of secular celebration and the more traditional customs that are characteristic of a Catholic cultural ethos. The descent of Halloween into the madness of an annual fright fest is a relatively recent development, but the true substance of Halloween belongs to the Church. Halloween (or “All Hallows Eve”) is the festive precursor to the celebration of the Church’s public commemoration of All Saints Day.

        There has been an appropriation of the festivities of Halloween by modern pagans, but please understand that modern paganism is precisely modern and should be distinguished from the cults of ancient religions. The origins and practices of the modern paganism do not extend farther back than the late nineteenth century. Also, remember, the term “pagan” is a slippery one. What does it mean? The worship of the gods and goddesses from long ago? Those cults have long since passed away with the cultural matrix that once supported the world views that were the conditions for their possibility. You can’t just reinvent those cults without the culture that supported them.

        I think that the association of Halloween with paganism has much more to do with the Protestant Reformation than anything else. The Protestant reformers were concerned about the practices of medieval Christianity that to them seemed contrary to what they believed the Church should be. They knew that these practices had clear precedents in the history of the Church, but insisted that they represented a corruption of the original form of Christianity that had become degraded over time. The degradation was explained as a regression into cultural forms that the Protestants described as pagan.

      4. Really Jason??? Really?? Good grief. Get out of bed.

      5. Tom Menino says:

        They should have renamed the town to Cedar Junction and kept name of the prison as Walpole.

      6. Nick Bilski says:

        Conservatism is a political philosophy. It has nothing to do with one’s religious beliefs. Some conservatives are religious, some are atheists. The reason someone is blaming liberals? Because liberals are always the ones who think we have to treat children like little snowflakes whose feelings will be hurt by anything that is different from their beliefs. If you want to attack a religion, try Muslims. In my town, that’s the group that thinks Halloween is evil and should be stopped. If a Christian complained about the party (not likely), I guarantee the school would have told them to pipe down and accept the party as a matter of diversity and tolerance.

      7. Rush Elkins says:

        Um, I’m pretty sure the principal didn’t cancel Halloween because she wanted to impose her extremist, right-wing, uber-Christian beliefs on the children.

    2. Joe Tairei says:

      That’s racist. I’m offended that they didn’t include “white”. It should be “Black, White, and Orange Day”.

  2. Don’t like it, stop supporting Liberals. No other group is subjugating your kids to this PC garbage. Liberals are all about destroying culture and traditions. Be very afraid of the do-gooders. The worst people on the planet have been people who cloak themselves in doing good when in fact they are the most evil.

    1. Jason King says:

      Imagine moving to another country and they wanted your kid to perform a public death ritual.

      1. Linda Cooke says:

        It’s fairly simple if you don’t like the culture of the country you plan to move to don’t move there. Why is it up to the country you immigrate to to change their holidays and practices and remake their culture to conform to your beliefs and attitudes and not up to you to assimilate?

  3. “Black and Orange Spirit day”? Now why would they force those children to be Cincinnati Bengals fans on that day? Don’t they know this is Patriot country?

  4. Some kids are excited… Others a just plain terrified of this holiday. It’s cruel to say it’s for the kids when it’s really about the parents own self satisfaction in thinking they are treating the kids. They are in reality playing up a holiday where kids get nightmares & cavity causing candy that they have to suffer at the dentist later for. Holidays should really be celebrated at home with family & friends anyways. They don’t need to bring it into the school, where kids who don’t celebrate any given holiday, where fellow students will make them feel left out even if they don’t like whichever holiday it is.

  5. Gary O'Neal says:

    For years, Christians tried in vain to get Halloween out of the schools. Of course, they were mocked and derided for their efforts.

    Who knew it would be leftist, PC politics that finally granted the Christian’s wishes? This is really just too funny.

  6. Alma Lopez says:

    What a bunch of hogwash that principal’s message was!

  7. Gaijin Ronin says:

    Political correctness and the politicizing of everything is just another step in the march towards communism.

  8. Well this is just F ‘ed up.

  9. Don Perry says:

    As a retired teacher, I thought I’d never support the dissolution of “public” education, but I now believe it’s time. Utter idiots have taken over the whole system. Perhaps this is the swamp that needs drained.

  10. Bill Loyal says:

    And.. we as parents have the right to tell this school to screw off and let our kids enjoy Halloween. Screw what big brother wants.

  11. Frank Papcin says:

    another school giving in to bullies
    —the PC police wins again— but I bet it was only a few of the leadership that did this

  12. Jimmy VA says:

    Poor, Triggered Liberal Snow Flakes ruin it for All Americans. Time to fight them at every turn, every road.

  13. If you want to tear down a country, first you must tear down it’s history and culture.

  14. Let me guess: Día de Metros (Mexican Halloween) going to be allowed.

    Imagine that.

  15. I suspect “Black and Orange” spirit day is less inclusive than a traditional Halloween celebration. But the Liberal Principle would not get to force his views on everyone and get a power trip feeling by just having a Halloween celebration. “Educators” are the dumbest people in America.

  16. Mark Bliss says:

    Why? Because liberals seem on a mission to destroy everything American. Liberal is truly a disease.

  17. “… it is our goal each and every day to ensure all student’s individual differences are respected.”

    Instead of persecuting American kids who look forward to dressing up every year and gathering treats, the politically correct should be teaching those of varying viewpoints that THIS is what we do in this country, and if the child is offended (which I highly doubt!!) the child can stay home for the day. Then again, it probably should be the whacked out politically correct teachers/admin who should be sent home for the day since THEY refuse to recognize American culture, values and traditions (and Halloween is one of those traditions), and instead, pander to the few whose parents are looking for ways to be offended and offensive.

  18. Robert Lee says:

    LibTardism is a mental disease. Decapitation is the cure.

  19. I am amazed at the ignorance of some of these posts. Halloween has nothing to do with Satan. It was a fun holiday for kids. The PC crowd in an attempt to not offend anyone has offended everyone.

  20. That was quite predictable in the ultraPC climate of today. Send your kid to school in a costume anyhow.

  21. Gary O'Neal says:

    For December 25th are they going to have Green and Red Spirit Day?

  22. I am offended by them calling it spirit day. The school system is clearly taking a stance that we are all endowed with spirits.

  23. They always worry about someone being offended but it’s never the majority being offended. Instead it’s the majority being offended by taking away our traditions.

  24. Leave it up to PC liberals to destroy everything they touch.

  25. Take you children out of public schools, they are nothing but an arm of the democratic party and progressives that seek to destroy everything in this country. Your children are being fed liberal propaganda to learn to hate this country and everything it stands for.

  26. Don McCoy says:

    I blame the parents for being too cowardly to demand an end to this Liberal-Progressive absurdity…

  27. Ryan Mouk says:

    Oh no, a “Flake” must have been offended….

  28. Andrea Black says:

    All of these news reports are SO misleading!! Walpole (as a town) is in no way cancelling Halloween or forbidding Halloween decorations which is how Fox 25 news made it sound. This is not even happening at Boyden! There is a monster mash celebration Friday night and there will be classroom Halloween parties on Halloween day. This “parade” that people are so passionately arguing for was a 10 minute parade that happened IN THE SCHOOL and parents stood in the gym or cafeteria to watch the kids walk by. It was choatic and hectic with hundreds of parents trying to squeeze in and find parking and then it was over in a blink. Are we really so upset that its going away? Its it just because its a tradition and your adverse to new traditions? Unless people have had personal meetings with Mr. Dearborn and the school board, then no one fully knows the reasons behind this and the discussions that took place. So it is all your speculation and pushing of your opinions that is turning this into something political. As said by a friend – I wonder what the kids think of all this….would they be so impassioned to revolt against this decision. I hardly think so! The children at Boyden school will adequately celebrate the Halloween holiday and in a way that is far more fun (not “funner” as seen in this lovely video). Everyone needs to get ALL of their facts and stop throwing their little tantrums because they didn’t get their way. You are all behaving in the exact manner you seem to be trying to protect our children against. Your disappointed the parade won’t happen…well guess what?? Life is full of disappointments so learn to deal with it!! SO lets all drop our torches and choose not to participate in this unwarrented lynch mob!!

  29. Inclusiveness is about ASSIMILATING into the melting pot of the USA. We are NOT a multi-cultural country. We the people do not have to adapt or change our culture for yours. Remember, the door is always open to leave the USA if you do not like it.

  30. tngilmer says:

    The politically correct left and Muslims are fellow travelers. Neither has a sense of humor or any idea of what tolerance is.

  31. bvikay says:

    More PC BS from the left wing progressive democrat as$hole who hate to see kids have fun. They should not be in charge of anything having to do with education.

  32. Tommy Gunn says:

    I doubt that one person in a thousand could tell you what the origin of Halloween is, as celebrated in the US, nor would they care. It’s only smug, self-righteous liberal who believe they are entitled to impose their thinking on everyone else, whether it’s asked for, welcome, or not. Halloween is simple seen as away for kids, and some adults who still value a time that lets them act like kids, to indulge in a little harmless craziness. It’s only the terminally “uptight and sanctimonious” that insist in reading something negative into it.

  33. Gee, kids won’t be able to dress up as Hillary this year. What will they do with all those brooms and pointed hats.

  34. Just another sign of AMERICA IN DECLINE !

  35. Rick Caird says:

    What we need are school boards that will stand up to these administrators. They need to be slapped down when they get out of line Just tell the principal his contract will not be renewed and he will be more careful about his decisions

  36. Mike Tor says:

    Of course, the leftards are going after Halloween. Their social engineering BS will not come to an end until voters purge the liberal trash from our government and schools in masse.

  37. David Olson says:

    We are going to PC ourselves right out of existence.

  38. Jim Toms says:

    Reminds me of when Michael announced on The Office that Christmas was canceled. Stanley: “You can’t cancel a major holiday.” Michael: “Jim, take away Stanley’s New Year’s, too.” :)

  39. Emm Are Kay says:

    Creepy Leftists…everything they touch turns to *hit.

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