By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Most of you probably never heard of Tony Schwartz, the journalist who was hired by Donald Trump in the mid-1980s to co-author a book about Trump’s business philosophy.

While spending a year with Trump writing the bestselling book “The Art of the Deal,” Schwartz became perhaps the most knowledgeable non-family member about the man who would become president.

He’s not a fan, as you can see from his regular tweets about Trump, including this one from the other day:

“Trump is exposing something deeply disturbed in some part of the American psyche — an abusive, entitled, self-deluding, rageful emptiness.”

Tough words, but it would be a shame if Trump-lovers ignore them or Trump-haters miss the deeper message.

We can see what Schwartz is talking about not just in the president’s bizarre, self-destructive behavior, but in the abysmal conduct of both celebrities, from Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby to Harvey Weinstein and other greed-crazed exploiters, and regular folks, the child-abusers and drunken drivers and racists we see on the news.

Unbridled selfishness, sociopathic disregard for humanity, out-of-control anger and vindictiveness – these are the mental illnesses Schwartz is talking about and seeing not just in his nemesis but in a society at large.

It’s an observation that sane people everywhere should be thinking about and considering how to act on.

Unless we want to just let that be the way things are from now on.

Comments (4)
  1. Hey what happened to my previous comment! Censorship alive and well!

  2. One has to wonder why Schwartz is only now coming forward…

    Is he looking for a book deal?

    And, why, Jon, are you turning into a gossip columnist?

    And I fully endorse Marjorie Lindberg’s statement on censorship being alive and well on Jon’s blog here on the CBS site.

    Three possibilities…

    1. Inadvertant deletion.
    2. System issues. Or,
    3. Willful removal.

    For the first, the deleters have the power to return them, or the second is really the problem.

    For the second, since this has been reported before, why are the CBS techies solving the problem, or are we going to get to go to yet another commenting system in the near future?

    As for the third. why not just admit publicly that you are going to censor stuff.

    Come on, Jon, you claim to be willing to listen to your readers and viewers. Isn’t it time that you demonstrate that you’ve heard us?

  3. Is the behavior really increasing in number or are we just witnessing more of it because of how we observe each other through constant coverage and social media updates?

    Taken another way, the narcissists and sexual abusers have always been among us, they’re just revealing themselves more often.

    1. Your post was about what I wrote, except I also included that I feel a large factor is the amount of people in the world, population growth means that percentages of good vs. evil translates into a lot more evil than in past decades,along with the rapid transfer of information via the internet( both accurate and inaccurate). As an example, race problems in the 60’s, and the lack of justice. I then used a less than flattering term to describe some of the people, past and present, in power.

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