BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady’s diet has been well-publicized in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped him from showing off his sweet tooth from time to time.

Typically around Halloween or Easter, he’ll release a new video for Unreal, and on Thursday he released his latest.

This one gets a bit intergalactic, as Brady asks the world for help in finding his stolen Halloween candy. Brady really goes heavy on the acting in this one:

As Brady explained in the video, Brady has hidden tickets and skeleton keys in certain packages of the candy, meaning a few lucky fans can win the chance to actually meet Brady in person.

The folks at UnReal were so jazzed about this particular campaign that they made a whole game that fans can play on their website. Brady continues the over-dramatic love of chocolate there, too. Plus, you’ll get to fulfill a lifelong dream if you’ve ever wanted to be in a huddle with Tom as he urges “Game speed, let’s go!”

Between this video and his famous safety bubble video from the summer, Brady’s clearly stepping up his acting game late in his playing career. No matter how dominant he might be on the field, it’s never too early to look ahead to a second career.