BOSTON (CBS) — Two cereals are being recalled because they may be contaminated with different nuts.

The Cascadian Farms cinnamon raisin granola may contain almonds, posing a danger to those with nut allergies.

Recalled granola (Image credit: FDA)

Recalled boxes have the codes 20MAR2018JK and 21MAR2018JK; customers should contact General Mills at 1-800-624-4123 for a refund.

Meanwhile, Whole Foods says there’s a packaging mistake on some boxes of their 365 Everyday Value Organic Raisin Bran. Instead of raisin bran, the boxes contain the company’s peanut butter cocoa balls.

The recalled raisin bran (Image credit: FDA)

The affected products have UPC code 9948243903 and a best-by date of June 4, 2018. They can be returned to Whole Foods for a refund.


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