By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – When you cover politics for a living, you spend a lot of time calling out politicians over their judgement. That’s our job. But maybe there’s room once in a while to call out another group that plays a role in our political failures – the voters.

Here’s a case in point:

By now you’ve probably heard about the unusually-public food fight between President Trump and Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, who compared the president the other day to a child at a day care center and suggested he might be on his way to starting World War III. In an interview, Corker was asked if his recent decision not to seek re-election next year had liberated him to be candid about Trump, and the senator said “Obviously… if I’m running in a Republican primary…you end up being constrained.”

So let me get this straight – the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee believes that the President of the United States, the leader of his own party, is so childish and reckless he might plunge us into global warfare – and yet he feels constrained by his own constituents from warning the public about it?

Not exactly a profile in courage, but note that he believes many of those voters wouldn’t tolerate him speaking out.

Are you potentially one of those voters, ready to punish a pol for telling what he believes to be the truth about such incredibly important public matters?

If so, I hope you’re not also one of those voters always complaining about two-faced pols who don’t have the guts to give it to you straight.

You can’t have it both ways. And if truth is the solution, then anyone – pol or voter – who obstructs it is part of the problem.

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  1. Not hard to note that you buy into the thinking that the President of the United States is childish.

    I have to tell, you Jon, I am fully supportive of the stance that Trump is taking vis North Korea.

    Clearly the policies that were initiated in the Clinton years have done nothing to halt the march of the North Koreans toward a nuclear stockpile, an even that the “strategies” of the past were designed to prevent.

    I am sure that I will be excoriated for telling the truth, but the slap-on-the-wrist polices of past “regimes” in our country, both Democractic and Republican, have been singular failures. The stance of the Obama administration, one of apology and appeasement, set the negotiations back decades.

    Consider this…In order for leverage to be useful in resolving the dispute, the threat of the use of that leverage needs to be credible.

    As more and more countries begin to be aware of the consequences of allowing North Korea to continue its chosen path, they are moving to take the steps that should have been taken decades ago.

    North Korea is becoming far more isolate, and far more constrained financially as a result of President Trump’s policies.

    Given the failures of the past, are his actions really that childish?

    Or is it Senator Corker who has taken a dive to the gutter because his voice, one that is supportive of the apology and appeasement approach, is no longer in vogue, and the opposite approach is achieving success.

    This is nothing but the politics of character assassination…

    And you are buying into it, Jon, with every cent you have in your wallet.

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