BOSTON (CBS) — Fred Toucher is sick of Twitter. And ESPN’s Jemele Hill controversy was apparently the last straw.

The host of the network’s low-rated 6 p.m. program “The Six” has been suspended for two weeks after reportedly violating ESPN’s social media policy. The suspension apparently stems from tweets referring to President Donald Tump as a “white supremacist,” and most recently criticizing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for his player policy regarding the national anthem.

Toucher doesn’t necessarily like or dislike Hill or what she said. He just finds her show boring and doesn’t care. And he doesn’t understand why so many people grandstanding on Twitter are pretending to care, which is what spurred one of his biggest rants in recent memory.

Here is a sampling of Fred going off:

“What do you care about Jemele Hill? Why would you care about one thing that Jemele Hill says? … You might as well mine the scraps for every moron who’s on the web, TV, or stupid satellite radio. … Why do you care about Jemele Hill’s opinions? No one does. No one watches that show. She’s not a star, stupid. … I didn’t even read what she did this time. ‘Jemele Hill thinks this.’ What do you care? Why does this bother you? Of all the people.

“Complaining about Jemele Hill fills time. It’s a fraudulent take. No one cares. There’s no way anybody in the media gives a rat’s ass about what Jemele Hill says. All they’re trying to do is get you on their side and work you all up. It’s a stupid parlor trick.

“All Twitter does is get you fired. Ten years ago you could be a comedian and kind of make a career. … What’s it gonna do for you now? All it’s gonna do is affect you negatively, that’s all its gonna do.”

That’s only a small sample of what was an all-time epic rant for Toucher. Listen above for the whole thing.

  1. If she is a nobody? Then what that makes you because you having a nice conversation about her!!…Hummm??

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