By Juli McDonald

LAKEVILLE (CBS) – A one-year-old golden retriever was shot and killed by a neighbor in Lakeville. The neighbor claims the dog looked aggressive and pulled the trigger five times in self defense.

Krissy Dashner and Pat Bates can’t help but smile as they remember their puppy Walle. “He was a goofball,” said Dashner. “That’s the only way I can describe him.

“Great with kids, loved the water,” said Pat Bates.

But behind their tearful smiles is heartache.

“I got them out the door and both of them bolted into the woods,” Bates said. “I followed them in and started searching for them.”

Walle was shot and killed by a neighbor in Lakeville (WBZ-TV)

“As soon as I heard gunshots,” Dashner said. “I mean they were right in our woods. Why else would someone be shooting at the same time our dogs are gone?”

Several acres away, neighbor Mark heard animals “in a frenzy” near his chicken coop.

“I grabbed my gun before I went out,” Mark said. “I have a lot of problems with coyotes and fisher cats, and raccoons and stuff getting my chickens.”

The couple’s German shepherd ran back; but the golden retriever appeared startled.

Pat Bates and Krissy Dashner with Walle and Zeke (WBZ-TV)

“He just attacked us and there was nothing I could do. It happened so quick. He showed his teeth and was growling,” Mark said. “I had no choice. I had to shoot the dog because I’m not going to get bit.”

“I can’t extrapolate that situation in my mind, where you would need lethal force against a 50 pound golden retriever,” Bates said.

“It’s outrageous to think if your dog ever escaped they’d get shot,” Dashney said. “It shouldn’t happen to any dog. But a golden retriever? It’s just so uncalled for.”

Animal control is still investigating, but the couple doubts their neighbor will face any charges.

Juli McDonald

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  1. irresponsible dog owners, meet hick

  2. Joey Pitt says:

    I would take his head off .

  3. Dogs personality will change when they are “hunting”. This dog might have thought the chickens belong to ‘him’ and the ‘owner’ was trying to take them away. We have chickens and dogs can do a lot of damage to a pen and the chickens and the area. The dogs will also bite you if you try to remove them. Legally, you can shoot the dog on your property to protect your livestock. So far I have had success with a pellet gun detouring the dogs. 50 pound golden retrievers have killed people before and mangled young children. Don’t be fooled.

  4. Bottom line, leash. End of story. Hovawart is a german farm dog that closely resembles the golden:

    scroll down and you’ll see the retriever looks in the hovawart.

    Hova’s are excellent dog’s yet a bit on the soft side for police work.

    Did the shoot’er over react? yes. But the handler is most likely at fault. A good dog needs constant supervision.

  5. Mauro Casci says:

    Another trigger happy untrained gun owner. He shot him FIVE times??? It wasn’t even on the shooter’s property.

    1. Sylvia Navon says:

      If the problem is the human shooting, not the weapon; here’s an example of a human with questionable judgment owning and using a firearm.. What would he do if he thought a human was threatening him or a crowd? What if he is just a lousy shot?

    2. Mauro, how could it have been in the guys chicken coop if it wasn’t on the guys property??
      This is obviously a conflict between rural and urban sensibilities. My grandfather owned 40 acres in the woods of Northern Michigan. If he found a dog in his chicken, particularly if the dog turned on him, he would have shot the dog. There is no other reasonable answer.
      We don’t even have to get to the incidence of rabies in rural areas. This could have been a matter of life and death.

  6. Big man !! Assuming Mr. Trigger Finger has grandkids, what’s he gonna do to them if they get too close to his chickens? This idiot DID have a choice. Walk away and maybe call animal Control? your neighbors? Naw that makes too much sense. Before all you gunslingers attack, I am aware GR dogs are known to bite and am very knowledgeable in canine behavior and aggression, which is mostly borne of fear on the part of the animal and or territorial instinct. Again, remove your self from the situation. The Golden is not going to chase you down and maul you.

  7. Dear city dweller who moved to the country, if you don’t mind your dog wandering in to my property eating a chicken or two, don’t lose your cool if you see me in your kitchen in my man shorts making dagwood and grabbing a beer. Personally am pretty easy going but my land is my land, control your animals.

    1. Adam Stone says:

      You truly believe that shooting a puppy FIVE times is an appropriate response to the dog being on your property? That is disgusting. People with guns (and people who love them) think they control this country. It is getting out of control. Thanks a lot “Trump-ism”.

  8. reading the comments section just SOLIDIFIES THIS WORLD is so RAMPANT with IGNORANT if not TRUE STUPID as well AS COLD UGLY HEARTED people! THE FAT HILLBILLY did NOT need to shoot the dog, THE FACT he went out WITH HIS GUN showed intent! THE DOG BREED is gentle and he OBVIOUSLY thinks we are all as STUPID as him to believe his HAIR brain EXCUSE! which some ppl in the comments section are!! we need MUCH MUCH STRICTER LAWS for animal CRUELTY, maybe these PIGS would think twice before they KILL a member of someone’s family that was EXTREMELY LOVED!! I PRAY great HEARTACHE & PAIN comes to the man that shot this dog the same as he CAUSED PAIN to OTHERS!!

  9. Mike Flynn says:

    Hillbilly- badass :May you receive what you dispensed. Hopefully
    they won’t find your carcass for a couple of weeks.

  10. Sandra Lewis says:

    When a dog is loose and terrorizing the chickens there is no need to take a survey before shooting them. A fifty-pound dog is quite large. Perhaps I’d consider waiting two extra seconds before shooting a five-pound dog, but then again perhaps not. My dog is always on a leash and under my control before I open the door to let him out. He’s very large and while I think he’s sweet and innocent he doesn’t look or sound that way to bypassers.

  11. I really doubt the chickens were pets like the dogs were. If in fact the dogs got into his chicken coop, his coop was accessible to other predators, he should have secured his coop better. If his chicken’s were out where they could be chased by a couple playful dogs and they did hurt or kill any or all, I’m sure the pet owners would gladly pay for any loss and replace the chicken 2 times over. Surely the neighbor knew the dogs and the owners. He could have approached the dogs less threatening and been able to stop them. A dog that is loving, playful, and not aggressive towards people or other animals normally feels threatened could turn on you to protect themselves. He didn’t have to kill that dog. It could have been handled different! You are a chicken S_ _T and should face charges and if not I would sue you, drag you threw the courts for as long a I could. This poor dog was a baby, full of energy Anyone can see that in his eyes. I can see him chasing ducks at the lake or chickens in the yard, before grabbing one, chasing another not meaning to kill any of them. You, I see as a liar and a person that is trying to make out that you were scared for yourself. You were going to kill that dog no matter what because he was on your property and chasing your chickens. It could have been handled different! You have the mentality of a hillbilly! You would never make it living in the city. You could have had fried chicken and had that damn chicken replaced. I hope you look into that dogs eyes and feel regrets for as long as you live. As for the dog owners, I’m sorry for your loss! I know how painful it must be. God Bless!

    1. Ann Gillin says:

      you are wayyyy wrong…its his property…not the neighbors doggy daycare…they need to own the responsibilty…its sad but it is the way of the world…passing the buck that is just stupid…fence your animal…period..especially if its a family pet,,,dont put blame where it doesnt belong…the dog owner learned a valuable lesson….control your beloved pets…if you really do care about them,,,its your job to give them a safe enclosed areas to run,,,not the neighbors problem…

      1. Sandra Lewis says:

        A neighbor once thought it was great fun to let her pitbull “puppy” roam the neighborhood, where it would often knock me over when I returned home from work late at night and would push itself into my house as I entered. This puppy was as large as a Great Dane. I didn’t shoot the pest, but after warning the neighbor several times to keep her animal leashed on her own property I did detain it the next time it illegally entered my home. Then I took it to the nearest sure-kill shelter for proper disposal. “Pet” owners don’t seem to understand their responsibilities in these cases. Your precious “pet” is a nuisance to the public. Keep him tied up or locked up in the house or I’ll sic my cats on your BMW to scratch it and urinate on the wheels. Then we’ll see how quickly the city slickers start buying guns to shoot pests in the woods.

  12. Mark Krause says:

    too many city slickers reading this!

  13. Janie Malone says:

    Retrievers are a breed that NEVER in their history have they displayed aggressive behavior. This man should be shackled. Of all dog breeds, the retriever is the most intelligent, human compatible and disciplined dog of all. Poor baby, should have had a long special life.

  14. Pien Sinvy says:

    Have Golden Retrievers ever mauled a person?
    Type this into Google and look at the results. There are 5 -7 stories and in at least 3 of the stories, the Golden Retriever killed a person. One an infant, one an owner and one a woman out walking. Now I am not saying these dogs are dangerous but there needs to be a leash law on EVERY dog. I my city, I know of at least 5 people that live around me that let their pits out late at night and let them run loose until early the next morning. Leash Law or dead dog? Which is it?

    1. Pien Sinvy says:

      Do not get me wrong. I am an animal lover and would never shoot a dog unless he was biting me or someone else. Dogs growl but you do not shoot them for growling. Dogs bite. If it seems he is going to bite and run, do not shoot. If he continues to bite, then shoot him.
      According to some posts, people are saying the dog wasn’t on the shooters property. The story and the video both show and say the dog was at the shooters chicken coop, and growling and showing his teeth at the shooter. I would not have shot the dog unless he started biting me. Another post said since the man took his gun outside, he left with intent. If he had coyotes, racoons or other animals that may carry rabies killing his chickens and he heard his chickens making a commotion, he had every right to take his gun out with him. Same thing I would do but the man needs to go and target practice very, very much.

  15. I LOVE my dogs which is why they have an enclosed fenced area to exercise in and when walked they are leashed.Living in a rural area doesn’t mean YOU have no responsibility to keep YOUR dogs on YOUR property.I don’t CARE what this man’s fencing for his chickens looked like….that was HIS business and not these dog owners whose dogs should have been contained on THEIR property.Loving something means taking the time and spending the money to ensure that it remains safe.

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