By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – How much of a hopeless Red Sox fan am I?

I bought the online audio feed of the games so I could wake up in the middle of the night to follow them last week while I was travelling abroad, that’s how much.

And while I’m not one of those superstitious sports fans, I do note that the team’s play took a turn for the better Sunday afternoon after I returned to American soil.

But no matter what happens in Game 4 Monday, we have, as always, learned important life lessons from following our team.

Watching the Sox get thoroughly outclassed by Houston in the first two games was an unwelcome reminder that just because you are – or have been – a winner doesn’t mean you will continue to do so. What worked in the regular season often fizzles badly in the postseason.

No one cares about the fact you won the division – you are only as good as your current performance, and unwarranted hubris is a common sight.

Politicians would do well to take notice – maybe President Trump and Hillary Clinton could have coffee and comiserate.

But this playoff series is also reminding us of the power of redemption.

The Sox go into today’s game with renewed confidence, and players like David Price and Hanley Ramirez who’ve invited their share of loathing this season are now the toast of the city – temporarily, at least.

pricehanley Keller @ Large: Red Sox Remind Us Of Power Of Redemption

David Price and Hanley Ramirez. (WBZ-TV)

Sports teaches us a profound life lesson – even if you don’t win, it’s all about delivering. Show up, compete, overcome adversity, and be cheered – phone it in, expect anointment, and be reviled.

Check that earlier suggestion – maybe Trump and Clinton should study all this over something stronger than coffee.

Comments (2)
  1. At this stage of the game, Trump is doing a lot better than Hillary, Jon.

    After all, HE’s doing the job he wanted to do; she’s running around the world trying to tell people that it was someone else’s fault that she lost.

    Hillary’s whinging merely confirms that The People were right in rejecting her as a candidate.

  2. awkward painful looking presser, understand league obligations and media access but think people realize that players have NOTHING useful to add and have to subject themselves to bs questions. Such a distraction for people we just want to have play well.

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