BROCKTON (CBS) — A vigil was held on Saturday night to honor a local mother killed in a car crash Tuesday.

Family and friends of Deborah Combra, 58, of Bridgewater, gathered at Quincy Street in Brockton where the crash occurred.

vigil2 Vigil Honors Mother Killed In Hit And Run Crash

Vigil for Debbie Combra (WBZ-TV)

According to police, Danielle Mastro, 33, hit the back of Combra’s Chevrolet Equinox, pushing it into oncoming traffic. A dump truck tried to avoid the Equinox but couldn’t.

Court records reveal that during Mastro’s interview with police, she allegedly admitted to causing the crash because she on the phone with her drug dealer and drank vodka before driving.

Whitman police said the victim is the mother of auxiliary officer Michael Combra.

victim Vigil Honors Mother Killed In Hit And Run Crash

Deborah Combra (WBZ-TV)


Her family is pushing for tougher laws regarding field sobriety tests and pushing certain cases directly to superior court.

Combra’s sister, Laura Melville said, “I am for fixing addiction and doing what you can but when you deliberately get behind a wheel drinking or doing drugs I draw the line there, I cannot. This is what happened to my sister who was against texting and driving, drinking and driving and drugs. It shouldn’t have been her, it should have been the one who hit her.”


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