BOSTON (CBS) — Michael Hurley’s spent a lot of time talking with Fred Toucher on the radio, but for this week’s recording of The Hurley Edition, the two decided it was time to really get to know each other.

Fred was honest and open about the perils of being a morning radio show host.

“I’ve been told by every mental health practitioner I’ve had since I’ve been doing mornings that this is quite literally the worst schedule that someone like me could have,” Fred said. “So I’m risking my mental health every day for the yuks.”

Fred shared how the Toucher & Rich show got started. He and Rich knew they had landed a job for CBS Radio somewhere in the Northeast, but they didn’t know where.

“Crash [Clark] and I sat at a bar, it was like the [NFL] draft,” Fred said. “I have no idea why they did this to us. Absolutely no idea why they did this to us. But my agent called me at a specific time to tell us what city we were going to. Like Pittsburgh, Philly, Boston, Baltimore, D.C. — there’s a lot of cities that we thought we were going. No idea whatsoever. And then they said Boston, where I had been once, and then everyone said, ‘Oh it’s going to be perfect for you because you’re an A-hole and everyone there is an A-hole.'”

Fred also talked about the WBCN days, the stresses of flipping formats to sports talk in 2009, how Chad Kroeger of Nickelback wanted to beat him up, how he navigates his show in a very strange time of American politics, and more. Oh, and they also get deeper on the sitcom “New Girl” than anyone thought possible.

Listen in the audio above, or on iTunes, or Stitcher, or the CBS Boston audio page!


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