By Bill Shields

NEWBURYPORT (CBS) – A Newburyport florist is showing support for the victims of the Las Vegas massacre. Katie Rocheford, the owner of Salt and Grove Gifts, is creating special bouquets and all of the proceeds will go to the victims’ families.

Like most Americans, Rocheford was deeply moved by the tragedy in Las Vegas but then this gift shop owner decided to help the victims. “I just decided I have an art and I am going to use it to try and do something,” Rocheford said.

Katie Rocheford in her shop (WBZ-TV)

She put up a sign outside, ‘Bouquets for Las Vegas’ and people started to pour into her shop. Cherylanne Lombardi was one of them. “I think when we all come together to do something kind for others it matters and it makes a difference, a small difference in people’s lives but this has been a tragedy for our nation,” she said.

Outside Katie Rocheford shop (WBZ-TV)

Maybe some families suffering will know a shopkeeper in Massachusetts is thinking of them.

“It’s something that makes me feel like I am doing something and it is also giving all the people this opportunity to feel like they are doing something to,” Rocheford said.

It is a small gesture but at least it is a little representative of what America is all about, everyday people helping each other out.

Bill Shields