By David Robichaud

AYER (CBS) – “He’s despicable.” That’s what the Ayer police chief called 27-year-old Kyle Barwan.

Police say Barwan is a con artist who travels the country convincing women he is a disabled veteran, then steals money from them.

“He referenced himself as a disabled vet,” said Ayer Police Chief William Murray. “What he does is he gets into these women’s houses, homes, he takes all their money, and then he moves on.”

suspect Hes Despicable: Man Accused Of Impersonating Wounded Veteran

Kyle Barwan (WBZ-TV)

Last Friday Barwan was arrested in Ayer after a woman he met on an internet dating site was suspicious of him.

Barwan was living with the woman; she told police his stories didn’t add up so she did a background check on him and found there was a warrant for his arrest in Florida. She called Ayer police and they busted him.

“The vets have a hard enough time trying to get benefits and things of that nature, and trying to be remembered for the work that they did, it’s hard enough and then you got clowns like this,” said Chief Murray.

grady Hes Despicable: Man Accused Of Impersonating Wounded Veteran

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd holds picture of Kyle Barwan (WBZ-TV)

Barwan has already spent five years in a federal prison for impersonating military personnel. He’s wanted in Polk Country Florida. “This guy wants uniforms so much, we gave him one,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “An orange uniform.”

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office plans to pick up Barwan from Ayer sometime in the next couple of weeks.


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