QUINCY (CBS) – Police are investigating after a Quincy High School student said on Snapchat that the school would “turn into Las Vegas” in reference to this week’s deadly shooting.

The comments made through the popular social media app were reported Tuesday at 12:30 p.m.

Police said the student posted a Snapchat that said “learn how to walk in the halls or Quincy High is gonna turn into Las Vegas, except no one will escape.”

More than 500 people were wounded and 58 died when a man opened fire on a crowded music festival on Sunday night.

Officers have a copy of the Quincy student’s post and are investigating along with school officials.

The student’s identity was not released because their age.

No charges have been filed, and police say there is no immediate threat to the school.

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  1. Ah, liberals in the Blue State. So full of moonbat hatred.

  2. People wonder where these deranged psychopaths come from. They’re made in public school hellholes.

  3. The student should be promptly expelled and exposed to public caneing!

  4. “The student’s identity was not released because their age.” Nice.

  5. Don McCoy says:

    “No charges have been filed, and police say there is no immediate threat to the school.” Hmmm…kid must be from a protected demographic of society.

    1. But make a finger gun, or eat your pop-tart into an “L” shape and they arrest the kid on weapons charges!

  6. There is a definitive threat to the school. The boy is probably a “victim” of this and that “behavioural control” drug. If so, his parents and consulting child psychologist need to be taken out in orange jump suits, and caused by the Bench to collect pampers, vomit bags, and other refuse along the sides of the road where there is an abundance of Central Americans who are expert at littering and befouling everything…by which they pass……Empty spray-paint cans anyone? Why would a marasalvatrucha-13 want to broadcast his presence in such a manner? Becasue his testicles….thought tiny….are 5,000,000 times larger than his brain. Soul? There is none….Each one must (1) rape his sister or (2) kill a female relative (3) slash his mother’s throat. Not exactly the kind of boy you want your daughter to bring home.

  7. This student needs to be in custody NOW!!

  8. Chris Curtis says:

    Agreed, how can this kid not be arrested for this and seen as a threat? They’ll dismiss it as a hoax or a joke, and after it happens they look back and wonder what they can do to stop these? Ridiculous. Its only a joke until it’s done. SMH

  9. Dave Neff says:

    That old movie “Scared Straight” should be manditory viewing in 8th grade Social Studies.

  10. BA DeMonte says:

    If that isn’t considered an immediate threat by authorities, what is?

  11. Lulua Mahalo says:

    I wish they would stop this nonsense about protecting the perps ID coz he’s ‘Underage’. Outing them would go along way towards halting all sorts of crime and miscreant behavior.

  12. Kathy Arbing says:

    what they should do is say it is the son of Mr and Mrs Smith or Jones or whatever their last name is. they are not putting his name out there..

  13. Cristu Doulo says:

    This is what happens when you raise generations of children without the knowledge or respect for God, His laws and authority, or respect for others – they see nothing wrong with killing others.

    It’s not about guns, mental illness or medications – it’s a heart issue about how children and adults are taught to handle anger in an absence of moral direction and authority (God’s).

    If this kid believed “love others as yourself”, or “thou shalt not kill” and that there would be severe consequences for his actions, he probably wouldn’t have said this.

    Taking the Ten Commandments and recognition of God out of schools and society sure is making things better, …right atheists…?

  14. tonyome says:

    Qunicy…probably a local negro.

  15. Sounds like he’s been pushed around in the hallways. In his mind, reason enough to kill. Bullying.

  16. The student should be PROMPTLY expelled and be canned publicly for all to witness the consequences of this stupidity!

  17. mickrussom says:

    Probably a kid who got his raised fist pose from NFL players

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