BOSTON (CBS) — Red Sox tickets prices are on the rise. Again.

The team announced Wednesday that ticket prices for the 2018 season at Fenway Park will go up by an average of 2.5 percent.

From the Red Sox:

Prices will rise between $1 and $5 in the following sections: Field Box (Sections 17-70), Loge Box (Sections 103-155), Bud Deck Barstools, Grandstand (Sections 13-27), Outfield Grandstand, Right Field Box, Right Field Roof Box and Terrace, Bleachers, and Upper Bleachers.

Prices in other seating areas will remain unchanged, including:  Field Box (Sections 9-16 & 71-82), Loge Box (Sections 98-102 & 156-165), Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck, Pavilion Box, Pavilion Reserved, Grandstand (Sections 11-12 & 28-31), and all Standing Room.

This is the sixth time in the last 10 seasons that the price to get into Fenway has increased, with the average annual increase at 1.7 percent per year. Ticket prices went up 2.9 percent in 2017, with the 4.8 percent increase in 2014 the highest during that span.

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Boston is also using a tiered pricing system, so tickets for marquee games will be more expensive than others, including Opening Day and games against the New York Yankees.

The Red Sox will continue to offer reduced pricing for students, clergy, veterans, and active duty members of the military. They will also offer tickets for high school and college students for $9.

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