BOSTON (CBS) — An anchor on special teams for three Super Bowl winners, Larry Izzo was a fan favorite during his time with the Patriots.

His teammates loved him too, just not in the locker room.

After continuing the conversation about the silent protests across the NFL last weekend, things took a much lighter turn when 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich hit former Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather with five questions on Wednesday. Things always seem to get a little interesting during the segment, and nothing lightens a mood like a little toilet talk.

Asked who was the grossest teammate he’s shared a locker room with, Meriweather quickly responded that it was Izzo.

“He used to take dumps and eat his food at the same time,” Meriweather explained. “He used to come out and not wash his hands. Larry was, oh boy, he was disgusting.”

larry izzo Why Brandon Meriweather Thinks Larry Izzo Was His Grossest Teammate

Patriots special teams captain Larry Izzo. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Some players use their private time in the stall to study the playbook, or just relax and let nature do its thing. Meriweather said that Izzo would take his tray of breakfast into the stall with him.



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