By Paula Ebben

NEWBURYPORT (CBS) – I bet you never started your school day with a song. Well, they do exactly that at a local elementary school.

Every day, music rings out as the buses pull up at the Bresnahan School in Newburyport. It’s the brainchild of their music teacher, and as we found out, a song can change your whole outlook on the day.

Gardner Rulon-Miller welcomes students to school (WBZ-TV)

“I just want them to have music be part of their lives and part of their school day,” says music teacher Gardner Rulon-Miller.

On Tuesday he was greeting the students at Bresnahan Elementary with “This Little Light of Mine.”

“You go to the grocery store, you hear music. You go to the bank, there’s music on. Why not when you get off the bus have some music?” he says.

“It fills me up with happiness before I start the day,” one child told us.

Gardner Rulon-Miller plays guitar with a student (WBZ-TV)

And that’s the idea.

“Hopefully it makes them realize that music is just a lot of fun. Everyone has good mornings and bad mornings. I know I do. And sometimes it’s those little things that end up turning your day in ways you might not have expected,” Gardner says.

And as the buses pull away, the young scholars are ready to learn, with a song in their hearts.

Paula Ebben

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