FOXBORO (CBS) — A Foxboro family is mourning the unexpected death of a father and husband after he died on Sunday, hours after he was attacked by a swarm of ground hornets.

According to his family, 48-year-old Eric Dahl was in good physical condition and had no known allergies. He worked at Fidelity Investment and leaves behind a wife and two young daughters.

beeguy Man Dies Hours After Swarm Of Ground Hornets Attacks Him

Eric Dahl (Courtesy Photo)

“It’s overwhelming right now,” said Harry Romsey, talking about the death of his son-in-law.

His family said Dahl was leaf blowing and doing yard work outside his home Sunday when he was attacked by the swarm. He later died, the repeated stinging likely to blame.

beehouse Man Dies Hours After Swarm Of Ground Hornets Attacks Him

The Dahl family home (WBZ-TV)

“Well you get so much venom at one time, that can throw your whole system into shock,” said Romsey. “This is somewhat, unfortunately, a wake-up call, people got to pay attention.”

Foxboro Fire Department Paramedic Lt. Andrew Puntini explained on Tuesday, “Your body can be more prone to releasing antihistamines to attack the attack itself, for the different chemicals that are in your body and it can react in ways that can start to close your airway or even cause cardiac effects.”

Romsey added, “You look at the yard and the yard is immaculate. He does all the work here, he doesn’t have a landscaper come in, he does all his work.”


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