BOSTON (CBS) — With a mayoral race coming up and the preliminary election being held on Tuesday, WBZ political analyst Jon Keller sat down with ace Boston Globe political reporter Jim O’Sullivan to set the scene.

Keller asked O’Sullivan how City Councilor Tito Jackson could hope to beat incumbent Mayor Marty Walsh.

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“He’s gonna have to do what he’s been doing, which is make the populist argument against Mayor Walsh,” O’Sullivan said. “His argument is that Marty’s too in the pocket of business, he’s not doing enough for the schools, he’s not doing enough against crime. And he’s been making that argument, but he’s just not doing it loudly enough, and he’s not doing it effectively enough.”

Boston Globe reporter Jim O’Sullivan. (WBZ-TV)

O’Sullivan said the race has been quiet so far–but said the race doesn’t really start until after the preliminary election.

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Jon also asked about a moment between Gov. Charlie Baker and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren during a panel in Washington last week. Gov. Baker was in town to talk to the Senate about healthcare, and Keller said their interaction “sounded like a lovefest.”

O’Sullivan said it makes sense for Sen. Warren to associate herself with Gov. Baker, who has better approval numbers than her. In fact, he said, no Massachusetts political leaders will come out and criticize Baker.

“It’s almost reached the point where we’re a one-party state, where nobody’s criticizing anybody,” O’Sullivan said. “Which is fine if you like comity, but if you like partisan politics, it’s a little boring.”

Keller and O’Sullivan also discussed the possible schism that may be created by the Massachusetts GOP senate primary.

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