BOSTON (CBS) – Investigators say a short circuit in the basement caused the fire that damaged several businesses early Saturday morning in Dorchester.

Flames were reported in a common basement of Adams Village around 2:30 a.m.

fire damage Short Circuit Started Dorchester Business Fire

Basement damage in Dorchester fire. (WBZ-TV)

The strip of businesses includes a restaurant, nail salon, coffee shop and dentist’s office. Although the businesses look normal on the outside, the inside tells a different story.

Smoke did a lot of damage. Chef Anthony DeBello says the damage goes further than just to the buildings.

“It’s a shock for everybody. It’s a shock for myself, obviously, but then I look at my employees who work for me. It’s devastating. That’s how they make their living, pay their rent. Blue collar workers,” DeBello said.

fire building Short Circuit Started Dorchester Business Fire

Outside Adams Plaza in Dorchester after fire. (WBZ-TV)

Blasi Cafe owner Joe Blasi says it’s sad because the building has been the family for a long time.

“My father started a long time before us. He worked here. It was a hardware store and he worked for the gentleman that owned it, then he bought it, and then he bought the building and so we’ve ben here maybe 80 years as a family,” Blasi said.

The fire did not reach businesses on the first floor, but each was damaged by smoke.

Neighbor Dawn Collins says it’s “blow” to the neighborhood.

“I was shocked, just shocked,” Collins said. “It’s just sad it’s a very busy shop. Very busy area. I’m glad no one was in there.”

Firefighters estimate $700,000 of damage due to the fire.


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