By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Public Schools is trying to beef up their student attendance rate. So in about 300 MBTA buses and subway trains they have the “I’m In: Attend Today Achieve Tomorrow” ads encouraging students to go to school.

The embarrassing problem is that some of the ads have mistakes. For example in one ad, the word sophomore is spelled incorrectly. Someone left out the second letter “o”.

“They should’ve had someone internally edit it or look over it and copy edit it. It’s very unfortunate,” one man said.

BPS released a statement saying, “We sincerely regret that there was a typo in one of the ads. We are working with the MBTA to try and remedy the situation.”

BPS officials say approximately 14,000 students are considered chronically absent each year, that’s about 25 percent.

“Understand it’s a mistake and move forward. Education is important no matter what you think about it,” one student said.

Which is why they feel these ads are important.


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