BOSTON (CBS) – Aaron Hernandez’s family has filed a federal lawsuit against the NFL and the New England Patriots after tests on the former player brain revealed a “severe case” of brain trauma.

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Attorney Jose Baez announced Thursday afternoon that tests performed on Aaron Hernandez’s brain following his suicide determined he suffered from an advanced case of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Hernandez’s daughter.

Aaron Hernandez. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Baez said Boston University researchers said it was “the most severe case they had ever seen for someone of Aaron’s age.”

Hernandez suffered from stage three CTE, a level usually seen in brain trauma patients who are 67 years old. There are four stages of CTE.

Attorney Phil Tracy Analyzes Lawsuit

Baez announced the test results at a press conference in Boston. Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, Hernandez’s fiancée, was present during the announcement.

Dr. Ann McKee, Professor of Pathology and Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine and Director of BU’s CTE Center and Chief of Neuropathology performed the tests on Hernandez’s brain.

Test results on Aaron Hernandez’s brain showed severe CTE. (Image Credit: Boston University)

Hernandez was serving a life sentence after being convicted for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd.

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In April, he was acquitted in a double murder trial. Five days later the former Patriots star was found dead in his cell at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley.

Jose Baez Announces Lawsuit Against Patriots, NFL

Massachusetts State Police investigated Hernandez’s death and ruled it to be a suicide.

When asked if he blames Hernandez’s suicide on CTE, Baez said “We are still investigating everything. But the presumptive answer for that is yes.

Hernandez’s conviction in Lloyd’s murder was vacated following his suicide because he died before all of his appeals had been heard.

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  1. What about the possibility of brain trauma arising from playing high school ball and four years at the Univ of Florida? Why not the NCAA, the states of CT and FL and Univ of Florida? Why just the NFL and the Patriots? Are they suing because he committed suicide, which vacated the Odin Lloyd murder charge? At least now, they are not the wife and children of a convicted murderer…. Seems like just another claim of false victimhood to grab money.

  2. Kit Ricado says:

    Plenty of people with his condition that didn’t go around murdering people.

  3. This lawsuit by ambulance-chaser Jose Baez is a disgrace.  Baez is confirmation that the predatory plaintiff’s bar continues to destroy the fabric of America.  

    CTE is not the reason for the killing of Odon Lloyd by Aaron Hernandez.  The killing of Lloyd by Hernandez is motivated by a bankrupt, pathetic, depraved inability to value human life.  The facts that surround the murder of Lloyd by Hernandez are chilling — and undeniable.  

    You, Avielle Hernandez, must never receive one dollar from the NFL. The NFL did not “deprive” you of your father’s companionship.  Your father’s disgusting  decisions deprived you of his companionship. Your father’s appalling gangster lifestyle deprived you of his companionship. 

    From “Tattoos As Evidence: Aaron Hernandez’s Far From The First” in the Hartford Courant on January 17, 2017:

    “Hernandez Tattoos: What sets the Hernandez case apart is the distinctiveness of two of his tattoos. One depicts a six-shot revolver with five rounds of ammunition in the cylinder, and one empty chamber with ‘God forgives’ beneath.”

    Is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell the tattoo artist for that sickening tattoo of a six-shot revolver, Avielle?  Did Commissioner Goodell accompany your father the night of the despicable killing of Lloyd, Avielle?  Was Commissioner Goodell with your father the night of his 2007 Gainesville bar fight, Avielle?  Was Commissioner Roger Goodell with your father the night of his 2007 Gainsville double-shooting, Avielle?

    Chris Chichester
    Proprietor: Excelsior Page
    Founder: Empire Page
    Penfield, New York

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