By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The NHL’s newest team might find itself gaining some fans from an Original Six city in rather short order.

At least, that’ll be the case if the Vegas Golden Knights continue to pester the Montreal Canadiens on Twitter, which is something they did in marvelous fashion on Wednesday afternoon.

The conversation began with a tongue-in-cheek celebratory tweet from the Golden Knights in which they boasted about winning two preseason games, which is “more than @Patriots, @dallascowboys or the Washington Pro Football Club.”

A Canadiens fan who totally picked up on the dripping sarcasm tweeted at the Knights to remind them that the Canadiens are proud owners of 24 Stanley Cups. Very cool!

The Knights responded with more sarcasm, noting that they’ve won two more times than the Canadiens have won Cups since 1993.

This time, it was the Canadiens’ official account that got offended by the tomfoolery.

And it was then that the Golden Knights became president:

Oh boy. There is but one reaction — and only one reaction — to that ferocious Twitter burn.

Maybe one more:

This reaction might work too:

One thing was for sure after the Twitter dunk on Montreal: Bruins fans might have just gotten a new favorite Western Conference team.

It’s yet to be determined what kind of team Vegas will be once the regular season begins. But they’ve put the league on notice that they are not be trifled with on the internet.

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  1. if the Bruins like history they should be reminded they won only 2 Cups during a NHL record 29-season playoff streak

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