By Ken MacLeod

MILFORD (CBS) – Milford residents hit the polls Tuesday to say no to marijuana. Many consider the town to be a bellwether for the marijuana movement going forward.

Milford residents narrowly voted for legal marijuana on the statewide ballot last November, only to find town selectmen now leading the charge to keep it out.

“We have no choice but to opt out at this point, so that’s what we’re doing here,” said Milford resident Kristin Fafard.

Opt out, like scores of other towns that have adopted partial bans or zoning restrictions as spelled out by state law.

But the Milford referendum gives voters a chance to opt out in an even bigger way, by banning not just retail pot shops, but any business connected to recreational marijuana.

“We feel that this goes way too far to overturn the will of the voters,” said Bryan Cole.

Cole was among those urging Milford voters to stick to their guns, welcome the added tax revenue and reject the “not in my backyard” mentality promoted by pot opponents.

“I think that’s what they’re saying,” Cole said.

In fact that is what they’re saying.

“Would you want a pot shop in your backyard?” asked Fafard.

And Tuesday night, residents answered that just like they did with casinos, approving the concept during the statewide vote, only to later bar them from town.

“Certainly it’s within their right,” Cole said.

The “Yes” folks do not want pot shops in town and the “No” folks do. By a wide margin, voters turned thumbs down on the recreational pot biz in any form. The unofficial results are 56% “Yes” and 44% “No”. Results must be approved at the upcoming town meeting.

  1. Who is against cannabis legalization in our nation today? Why do they want to keep cannabis illegal? The answer is easy and has nothing to do with public safety, just follow the money!

    * Politicians corrupted by money from corporations against cannabis legalization
    * Drug cartels and organized crime will lose $100,000,000,000 (100 BILLION) in cannabis sales forever in favor of legitimate business, regulation and taxation.
    * Corrupt DEA officials afraid of losing their jobs.
    * Court forced cannabis rehab centers will go out of business.
    * Police and Private prisons will lose federal grant money and up to 30% of their drug related “customers”. Well known contributors to anti legalization efforts.
    * Big pharmaceutical corporations are scared witless that cannabis will replace their multi-billion dollar addictive stranglehold on the US public because cannabis works better and has no physical addiction. Well known contributors to anti legalization efforts.
    * The alcoholic beverage industries are the largest financial lobby against cannabis legalization. They know cannabis is safer and less toxic than booze and it is already being used as an alternative by millions of American citizens.

    Legalization seems like a slam dunk considering the relative safety records of cannabis, booze and tobacco. Cannabis with zero toxic fatalities and almost no statistical record of traffic accidents, versus alcohol and tobacco which kill over 500,000 US citizens annually plus another 16,000 in traffic deaths from booze intoxicated drivers. Makes you wonder if our politicians and lawmakers answer to “we the people” or the corporations and criminals listed above.

    Legalize, regulate and TAX!

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