HUDSON – Handcrafted cocktails, incredible cuisine and a truly quirky story. Less Than Greater Than is an eccentric little restaurant and bar in Hudson, Massachusetts, that is pretty hard to find.

A few years ago, a group of friends and business partners decided that the fast-growing town needed a really good restaurant. So they opened the Rail Trail Flatbread Company, specializing in amazing pizza and craft beer. Then a couple years later, right across the street, they opened New City Microcreamery, a one of a kind farm-to-table ice cream parlor that makes super-premium ice cream right in front of your eyes.

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This is where the story gets really interesting. Past the ice cream counter, past the kitchen, there is a hidden jewel. You will find a locked door with a sign that says “Switch on the light and wait for delight.” That is how you get inside Less Than Greater Than. The lights are dim for that speakeasy vibe, and there are candles all over the place.

This place is best known for the cocktails. Perhaps the biggest wow factor is something called Spirits and Cream. It is like a milkshake and a cocktail all frozen together. They start with a sweet ice cream base, and then add some fine spirits, whip it and freeze it to order using liquid nitrogen.

lessthan2 Phantom Gourmet: Less Than Greater Than In Hudson

Dandan Noodles at Less Than Greater Than (Image: Phantom Gourmet)

If you ask the staff to recommend one dish, they will definitely tell you to order the Dandan Noodles. You have fresh noodles, braised pork, pickled mustard greens, kimchee, bok choy, Italian peppers, and smoked peanuts.

Everything on the menu has an Asian twist, including their tacos. There is vegetarian avocado taco with pomegranate hoisin sauce, and water kimchee.

The star of the menu might be the Vietnamese style banh mi sandwich. It has slow cooked confit pork, pickled vegetables, and lots of cilantro, served on hot, fresh crunchy bread.

lessthan4 Phantom Gourmet: Less Than Greater Than In Hudson

Banh Mi at Less Than Greater Than (Image: Phantom Gourmet)

In addition to the food and cocktails, you are going to want to get dessert, specifically the Destroy All S’mores. Picture traditional s’mores, smashed, and topped with torched marshmallow gooeyness.

lessthan5 Phantom Gourmet: Less Than Greater Than In Hudson

Destroy All S’Mores at Less Than Greater Than (Image: Phantom Gourmet)

In terms of decorations, this place falls somewhere between an episode of Antiques Roadshow and Hoarders. There is some seriously weird stuff: coconut monkeys, and ducks, and shoes; lots and lots of old shoes. You see, this space used to be an actual shoe store, and for many years, Hudson was one of the shoemaking capitals of America.

You can find Less Than Greater Than at 28 Main Street in Hudson, and online at

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