By Paul Burton

ATTLEBORO (CBS) – A candidate for Attleboro mayor is running into trouble on the campaign trail. He’s been attacked by dogs over and over while knocking on doors to win votes.

Despite his scars, the doggie danger doesn’t scare him off.

Attleboro State Rep. Paul Heroux (WBZ-TV)

They say politics is a blood sport and Attleboro State Rep. Paul Heroux has the campaign wounds to prove it. In his short political career he’s been bitten six times by dogs while out on the campaign trail.

“I’ve been bitten in the face once,” Heroux said. “I’ve been bitten, the first time, on the leg right here. I got bit on the ankle yesterday. I got bit on the wrist and then I’ve been bit on the hand twice.”

Heroux is now one of three mayoral candidates for the city of Attleboro. He did most of his campaigning the old fashion way, pounding the pavement and going door to door.

Rep. Paul Heroux and his dog (WBZ-TV)

He is actually a dog lover himself. He even has his own Japanese wolf. He admits most of his run-ins with dogs are simple misunderstandings.

Heroux says he does not regret the pain he experiences on the campaign trail. Every bite could be a potential vote. After all political arena is a painful one.

“I’ll gladly take the dog bite” he said.

Paul Burton


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