NEWTON (CBS) – A Newton family escaped injury when a massive tree uprooted and fell onto the roof of their house on Saturday morning.

Homeowners Liz and Peter Grinspoon are counting their blessings Saturday evening after a giant-size oak tree came crashing down on their house on Whitney Road in Newton Saturday morning.

“It was like a train rumbling and crashing into something. It was terrifying. We said get out, get out and everyone got out of the house,” Liz said.

tree1 Large Tree Crashes The Roof Of A Newton Home

A Newton family escaped injury when a tree fell on their home. (Image Credit: Paul Burton/WBZ-TV)

They said it “sounded like a bomb” when the large tree came toppling down.

The roots of the tree had rotted, and that’s what allowed the tree to come tumbling down.

Liz says the tree came down on the rooms of their three children.

“I am so glad everyone is safe,” she said.

tree2 Large Tree Crashes The Roof Of A Newton Home

An uprooted tree landed on the roof of a home in Newton. (Image Credit: Paul Burton/WBZ-TV)

Emergency crews responded. The electric company had to shut off power to the house.

Right now the Grinspoons are getting support from neighbors as they wait for a tree removal company to clean up the mess.

“The rooms are destroyed, the whole attic is destroyed and the kids live in that section of the house so it destroyed that section of the house,” Peter said.

Fire officials condemned the home because it sustained a lot of structural damage. Liz and Peter’s kids are staying with relatives as mom and dad figure out a new game plan.

“You’re going about your business one moment and the next there is a tree in your house,” Peter said. “To see everybody and our dog is everybody safe is everything. We will manage.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports


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