BOSTON (CBS) — If you had to make a double take when tuning into Felger & Mazz on Friday afternoon, you’re not alone.

Yes, that is a mustache gracing Felger’s face. It’s not quite Rollie Fingers, it’s not quite Tom Selleck, but boy does it make us feel uncomfortable.

stache Check Out Michael Felgers Mustache

Michael Felger sporting a mustache on Friday’s Felger & Mazz. (CSNNE)

The Sports Hub host isn’t planning a great train robbery after the show. He lost a bet (he’s keeping the wager a secret), so he had to sit down for Friday’s show with a little dirt above his lip. He isn’t very proud of the crumb catcher, and we’re all having a tough time looking at it, but we kind of hope the stache sticks around for a while.

Update: Unfortunately, Felger only kept the push broom for one segment on Friday.

What do you think of Felger’s mustache? Let us know in the comments section.


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