By Paula Ebben

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – There were special deliveries for identical twin sisters at Mount Auburn Hospital.

Rachel McGeoch and Beccy Pistone gave birth just hours apart last month. Their delivery rooms at the Cambridge hospital were right next to each other.

They are two very special cousins, baby William and Andi Isabella.

Their story begins when their moms, identical twins Rachael and Beccy, got pregnant at about the same time.

But Rachael’s due date of August 1 passed, so her doctors at Mount Auburn decided it was time.

“They started the induction process on the 13th, which was Beccy’s due date,” McGeoch explained.

twins Sisters Who Gave Birth Hours Apart Credit Special Twin Powers

Rachel McGeoch and Beccy Pistone gave birth hours apart at the same hospital. (WBZ-TV)

But it wasn’t working.

“Sunday came and went. Monday came and went, and there was little noticeable progress,” McGeoch said.

Pistone knew what she wanted to do to help her sister.

“I just needed to be with Rachael, and I just knew that if we were together she would go into labor,” she said.

But Pistone lives in Brewster and was planning to have her own baby at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis.  Still, she and her husband headed to Cambridge.

“The babies were waiting for each other and we were just waiting to be together,” McGeoch says.

twins2 Sisters Who Gave Birth Hours Apart Credit Special Twin Powers

Rachel McGeoch and Beccy Pistone with their newborns. (WBZ-TV)

Call it coincidence, luck or the mysterious connection between twins.

“As soon as I got here, she went into active labor,” Pistone recalled. William was born.

Then it was Pistone’s turn.

“The doctors checked me and said ‘you’re not going anywhere. We are checking you right into the room next to your sister,’” Pistone said.

When Pistone’s labor stalled, McGeoch brought baby WIlliam in to see her.

“She was holding WIlliam, and within an hour she was fully dilated,” says McGeoch.  Andi was born 24 minutes later.

“This hospital, I have to say, they are amazing. They made the whole thing happen. We couldn’t have done this without them going out of their way to make things happen,” McGeoch said on Thursday.

“People always ask us if we have any special twin powers, and we’ve always had special little things, but this definitely takes the cake,” says Pistone.

The twins’ husbands are both named William.


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