SEABROOK, N.H. (CBS) — Mike Lamagna of Andover is an experienced commercial fisherman, but he was still stunned by what he saw while paddle-boarding at Seabrook beach.

“I heard something to my right, I spun around quickly and the juvenile humpback was surfacing, coming right at me, coming up to say hello,” recalled Lamagna.

His Go-Pro video of a humpback whale right next to him as he paddle-boarded off New Hampshire has gone viral. He was only 200 yards from Seabrook beach.

Humpback whale caught on a Go-Pro in NH (Photo Courtesy: Mike Lamagna)

Lamagna said he was “always taught not to panic in any situation out there,” but added, “I definitely thought I was going in.”

According to Lamagna, the whale could be seen swimming from the beach, so he purposefully headed out to catch a closer glimpse.

He said, “Turned 30-years-old last week, don’t know if I’ll ever have an experience like that again on the water, it was really one of a kind.”


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