BOSTON (CBS) — James White may not have won Super Bowl LI MVP honors, but he still got the truck that goes with that award.

Just don’t expect to see him driving it around Foxboro.

Tom Brady brought home his fourth Super Bowl MVP in February, and like he did two years ago after New England’s Super Bowl XLIX victory, the quarterback gave the MVP truck to one of his teammates. It was Malcolm Butler two years ago, and White was the lucky recipient a few months ago.

You can certainly make a case for White being the actual MVP of the Patriots’ dramatic comeback against the Falcons, finishing the night with 14 receptions, 139 total yards and three touchdowns — including the overtime winner. White joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Tuesday morning to discuss the new season and take one final look back at last year’s title, and said he has no problem with Brady being named the game’s MVP.

“I couldn’t have done that without Tom,” said White. “I mean, Tom was more than deserving of that. I wouldn’t have been able to catch 14 passes without him.”

As for that truck, White paid the taxes and then admitted on Tuesday that he no longer owns the vehicle.

“I ended up giving it away,” he said with a laugh.

So in the end, Brady gave White a gift that White gave to someone else. At least he has that giant Super Bowl ring to remember the victory.

But perhaps the Patriots were doing a little too much remembering of that amazing comeback win, as they came out flat for last Thursday’s 2017 season opener and were handed a 42-27 defeat by the Kansas City Chiefs. White said he didn’t notice a lack of energy ahead of the game, but it was apparent after the tilt kicked off.

“I didn’t feel we had as much energy as we usually do, especially in the fourth quarter. They put up 21 unanswered and that’s just not Patriots football,” said White. “You have to give credit to the Chiefs, they played great all game and had a good game plan. But guys have to find a way to find that energy and just hold everyone accountable, go out and execute for four quarters.”

White also touched on splitting carries in the New England backfield (something he’s done his entire career), the loss of Julian Edelman, and heading this year’s Mayo Bowl. You can get more information and purchase tickets to his year’s event by clicking here, and listen to the full interview in the podcast above!



  1. I am so confused by this story. I thought there was no Super Bowl MVP truck anymore. There was even a whole story on here about it at the time, and I thought that Conan O Brien along with Ford got him the truck instead of Brady.

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