BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Police Commissioner William Evans confirmed Tuesday night that a 19-year-old boy from Hyde Park is in critical condition after he was shot on Boston Common.

According to officials, three people of interest have been taken into custody after multiple police chases. Two of the people were on mopeds, the other was on foot.

The MBTA temporarily shut down trains in the area.

At a press conference, Evans and Mayor Marty Walsh pleaded with the public to help get guns away from teenagers on the streets.

“It is the people that are around them, the random stray bullets that go flying around the city of Boston, is what I can’t stand for anymore,” said Walsh.

Evans said that they would have extra patrols around the Common and people should not be concerned about going there.

The teenager is recovering from multiple gun shot wounds at Tufts Medical Center.

Officials believe that the victim and shooter know each other.

Emerson College initially asked all student in the area to remain indoors, to look their doors, and silent their cell phones. That request has since been lifted.

“I didn’t really actually look at him because he kind of seemed suspicious,” said Emerson junior Yilin Zheng.

She said at one point, she was standing right next to a person of interest.

“When the train came, I was about to board, he just ran in front of me and went into the tunnel and police just came down.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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    19 year old boy? That’s commonly referred to as a man.

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