BOSTON (CBS) — It was a “Buy or Sell” Monday night on The Adam Jones Show’s Game Of Jones, with Nick Cattles hitting Jones with the following topics from around sports.

Buy Or Sell: Doug Fister in the Red Sox’ playoff rotation

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“I’m still buying. Earlier last week I was mocking you Nick and your idea of keeping Fister in the rotation. He has to be in there now,” said Jones. “It’s gotten so bad that even Jared Carrabis is off the bandwagon with his boy Rick Porcello.

“Doug Fister has out-pitched Eduardo Rodriguez and Rick Porcello. David Price, I don’t even want him on this team. The way they’re all pitching right now, Fister has to be the No. 3 guy. He is in the rotation,” said Jones.

Fister is 4-2 with a 2.91 ERA in six starts in August and September.

Buy or Sell: The Red Sox trading Dustin Pedroia in the next two years

“I sell that. Not because they shouldn’t try to do it, but who wants the little leader? His age, his contract, his injury history and his bitchy little attitude — who wants him? Why would I be trading for Dustin Pedroia if I’m another team? If I’m the Red Sox, I shop him and try to see what value I can get. I definitely try to move him, I just don’t know if that’s how they’re thinking — it’s how they should be thinking,” said Jones. “I like the intangibles and the attitude, and I think he’s a big-game player. But with that salary, injury history and everything else, you’re not getting anything for him. Sell.”

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Buy or Sell: The turf played a factor in the Patriots’ loss

“That’s a sell. Please. They just changed the thing in May and they’re changing it again,” said Jones. “I’m interested to see if the Patriots were concerned about player safety with that field, not that they’ll come out and say that was their concern with guys getting hurt on Thursday night. But I am curious about that, with Eric Berry and Dont’a Hightower going down in that game.

“But having something to do with their loss? Hell no, I sell that,” said Jones.

Buy or Sell: The Indians are peaking too soon

“I kind of want to buy that. You can play your best baseball a little too early. I think the Dodgers are doing that right now,” said Jones. ” I buy that a team can do that for sure, but I still think they’re the team you want to avoid in the postseason. That being said, they’re on their way to their 19th straight [win] so they’re playing some great baseball.”

Buy or Sell: Your fantasy football team after Week 1

“I’m selling that. My running back combination right now is Dalvin Cook and Joe Mixon. I went in on rookie running backs. In a 14-team league, that isn’t going to get it done,” said Jones. “I also had Allen Robinson, so things are not looking up.”

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