WALTHAM (CBS) – Police in Waltham are searching for a woman they describe as a “saucy” thief who recently stole a large amount of tomatoes from a farm for a third year in a row.

In a pun-filled press release, police said that on Saturday, about five crates of tomatoes weighing 100 pounds were stolen from Waltham Community Fields Farm around 6 a.m.

The tomatoes are valued at about $500.

A suspected Waltham tomato thief. (Image Credit: Waltham Police)

An executive director at the farm said this was the third year in a row that a large amount of tomatoes were stolen over Labor Day Weekend.

The farm believes the tomatoes were stolen by the same suspect.

Police describe the thief as a white woman in her 60s with blonde hair. She was wearing a gray “Boston” t-shirt, black leggings, and was driving a 2012-2015 brown Honda CRV.

“This woman’s actions are dicey at best, and we’d be stewin’ if someone stole the fruits (or is it vegetables?) of our labors!,” police said.


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