BOSTON (CBS) — Problems on the Boston subway’s Red Line were all that was needed for a Suffolk University Student to challenge a Democratic candidate for governor to ride the “T.”

The student who didn’t give his name challenged Newton Mayor Setti Warren to ride the Red Line after the student experienced delays during his commute this week.

The student sent the Democratic gubernatorial candidate a Twitter message asking the mayor to join him during one of his morning commutes. Warren accepted the challenge.

Warren’s only response was that the system needs to get better.

“Everyone knows that rides the ‘T’ that the system is broken. It’s inadequate. It’s under resourced,” Warren said. “The people that don’t know are the folks on Beacon Hill and the governor.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Governor Charlie Baker took office a year after a snowy winter shut down the “T”. Baker has made upgrading the system a priority, but Warren says more needs to be done.

Warren’s comment after getting off the Red Line at the Park Street station is that Baker has done a poor job.

“The governor’s approach to this has been in the last three years an attempt to privatize, appoint politically connected people who don’t know anything about transportation, and not make real investments to ensure that we have the right outcomes for people,” Warren said.

Baker has supported subway upgrades since taking office.


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