BOSTON (CBS) – Growing up here in the Boston area, we were always sold the notion that Boston had an inferiority complex when it came to comparisons with New York City.

Boston had old money, but New York had the big money.

Boston had culture, but for every good jazz club or concert hall here, New York had ten more.

And worst of all, New York had a winning sports tradition Boston could only dream of, not in basketball, where a New Yorker named Auerbach came north and created a dynasty, but in football, where Patriots fans had to put up with Giants fans in their midst, and most of all in baseball, where the Yankees specialized in torturing the Red Sox decade after decade.

But oh, how things have changed.

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Boston is now the hipper destination for corporations like GE, fleeing the wretched, overpriced New York suburbs.

Boston’s Berklee is the biggest East Coast name in music education.

And when Boston sports teams aren’t rolling over their pathetic New York counterparts on their way to title after title, they’re robbing them blind at the bargaining table as the Celtics did with the Nets.

So it’s with amusement and shadenfraude – the German word for pleasure drawn from another’s misfortune – that we watch the New York sports world twist itself into indignant pretzel shapes over the Red Sox stealing their catchers’ signs.

Poor babies!

Watch their tears dry up fast when confronted with the Yankees’ long record of sign-stealing and steroid use.

Yes, Boston no longer feels inferior to New York, even when they do still hold an edge.

After all, how many bagels can you eat?