BOSTON (CBS) — Curt Schilling took to Twitter last Friday to rip 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich over negative comments the show made about the former Red Sox pitcher’s relief efforts in flooded Houston. Just one problem: the actual Toucher & Rich were away on vacation at the time.

That didn’t stop Schilling from continuing to blast T&R on Twitter and reply to many people who responded to his original tweets.

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He called T&R “spineless cowards” and “liars”, among many other things.

Rich decided to respond to the tweet by kindly letting Schilling know that he didn’t say whatever he was yelling about.

Schilling had recently started his own grassroots type of effort to support Houston in the wake of the city’s catastrophic flooding due to Hurricane Harvey. He collected donations and supplies in a trailer that he planned to drive to Houston himself. He apparently took issue with something that a 98.5 The Sports Hub host said about his aid methods, which apparently came from neither Fred Toucher nor Rich Shertenlieb.

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Toucher took issue with the criticism anyway, as some of Schilling’s followers decried the show for a perceived lack of relief efforts on their own part. He also criticized Schilling’s practices as obstructive to organizations like the American Red Cross, who are much more experienced and qualified to do what he’s trying to do.

“People are like, ‘What have you done?'” said Toucher. “And I said it before. We give money to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I don’t go into a clinic and start trying to fix cancer. I don’t go in there and try to find a cure for cancer, in that I am not qualified to do so.”

Of course, T&R instead feel it’s better to support aid workers who are qualified. T&R described Schilling’s methods of aiding Houston as “hero-ball” rather than something more useful, citing his insistence on broadcasting it through Periscope and his Breitbart-based radio show.

“If you give money to this guy instead of giving it to the Red Cross, your brain needs to be checked,” said Rich.

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