WINCHENDON (CBS) — Two gravestones ripped from the Riverside Cemetery in Winchendon have left a local family to grieve all over again.

“There’s no describing how you feel when that happens,” said Ralph Christian.

The gravestones of Christian’s 19-year-old son Ralph Jr. who died of leukemia, and his 32-year-old daughter Kathy, who died from seizures, were stolen.

A family friend cleaned the stones on Thursday, but on Saturday they were gone.

stolenheadstones Family Looks For Answers After Gravestones Stolen From Cemetery

Holes mark where two gravestones were stolen from in a Winchendon cemetery (WBZ-TV)

The family said the thieves likely carted the gravestones away, carrying them would have been difficult due to their size.

“My brother and sister did absolutely nothing,” said Sondra Magee, a surviving sibling in the Christian family. “It’s sick.”

According to the Christians, this is more than vandalism. They believe it is someone’s vendetta against a living family member.

“What else are you supposed to think? They are the only stones touched,” Magee said.

Police warned the Christians about saying more but Magee is offering a reward.

“They’ve lost their children and now they have to lose their children’s stones,” Magee said.

“It makes us feel like their ashes were exhumed and moved somewhere else,” Christian said. “I never thought that anybody would stoop that low.”


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