BOSTON (CBS) — Ever since Julian Edelman and Cyrus Jones suffered season-ending injuries in consecutive weeks this preseason, the punt returner position on the Patriots has been a major point of confusion.

Danny Amendola can do it, but he’s susceptible to injury. Beyond that, it’s very much a question.

So when the Patriots acquired receiver Phillip Dorsett via trade with the Colts, his punt-returning history in college made some believe he might be the answer. Dorsett may well end up returning punts for the Patriots, but from the sound of it, it won’t begin this week.

“If they ask me to do it, I will do it. I always, I catch punts just to do it because it’s fun,” Dorsett said in the Patriots’ locker room on Tuesday. “I did it at Miami, I did it a little bit at the Colts. I’ve never really been a primary when it comes to it because I’ve been so involved in the offense. But whatever they want me to do, I’ll do.”

As for his impact on the offense, Dorsett seemed to be realistic about what he can accomplish in a short time learning the playbook and working with his new teammates.

“They went through OTAs and they went through training camp, and I’m just getting here before the first game. So those guys had a head start and I’m on the back end,” Dorsett said. “You’ve just gotta be invested, and I’m invested in it.”

Dorsett, 24, has 51 receptions for 753 yards and three touchdowns in 26 NFL games over two seasons.


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