BRIGHTON (CBS) — Two women were transported to hospital trauma units after a truck hit them on Sunday night.

Officials said the hit and run occurred near Washington and Lake Street intersection in Brighton.

Both women suffered non-life threatening injuries.

“It was really surprising,” said witness Ludde Andersson. “The good-hearted in me wanted not to believe that anything harsh happened–it was just a minor bicycle crash but it wasn’t.

According to officials, the investigation is ongoing but a potential driver was interviewed. Nothing further was confirmed by police.

A truck being investigated by police for potential involvement with a hit and run in Brighton (WBZ-TV)

A commercial truck about half a mile away from the scene was taped off.

Crimson Bikes, the owner of the truck in question, responded to WBZ-TV’s request for a comment saying: “It does appear our van was at the scene of this unfortunate crime. It was stolen and we are participating with police at this time.”

Cassy Lee lives in the neighborhood.

“It’s a really unfortunate experience to hear that anybody was injured in this kind of cross section and to have someone drive through this intersection and then leave it is really upsetting,” Lee said.

No further information is available at this time.


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