REVERE (CBS) – A dead shark washed ashore a beach in Revere on Friday, drawing curious onlookers.

A porbeagle shark in Revere. (WBZ-TV)

Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Shark Research Program said the shark that washed onto the area of the Point of Pines Yacht Club was a porbeagle.

A shark that washed up in Revere. (Image Credit: Sandra Jewkes)

A white patch on the rear edge of the dorsal fin is the distinctive feature of this kind of shark.

The porbeagle is not uncommon for the area, but Skomal said it is unusual the shark is on the beach.

Curious beachgoers get a look at a shark in Revere. (WBZ-TV)

Skomal added it is possible the shark got caught on fishing gear and was dragged to shore or ended up there due to its injury.

A group of beachgoers gathered around the shark, with some taking pictures with it.


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