HUDSON, NH (CBS) — There’s renewed hope for a New Hampshire family, as investigators take a fresh look at a 1990 hit-and-run case.

Thirty-year-old Sheila Rosati was hit and killed on Kimball Hill Road in Hudson, back on March 3 1990. Witnesses told police the driver of a1981-1990 Dodge Ram, either silver or light blue, was traveling westbound at the time of the crash. The driver never stopped after running her over, and was seen speeding off in the direction of Bush Hill Road.

“I think about it every time I see a Dodge. You’re like, ‘Is that the person?’” said Sheila’s sister, Lori Rosati.

lori rosati Police In New Hampshire Re Open 1990 Hit And Run Cold Case

Lori Rosati. (WBZ-TV)

It pains Sheila’s siblings and parents to know that today’s technology could have had a huge impact on that 1990 investigation.

“We checked all the junk yards. We did it all. We couldn’t come up with anything and neither could the detectives. Somebody knows something.”

Now close to three decades later, the Hudson Police Department is asking for the public’s help as they reopen the cold case.

sharon on horse Police In New Hampshire Re Open 1990 Hit And Run Cold Case

Sheila Rosati. (Photo credit:

“Ultimately we want to have that closure for the family. Any tip or small bit of information people have, well check into that and see where it leads us,” said Hudson Police Detective Alan Marcotte.

In 2004, Hudson Police received an anonymous letter identifying a possible suspect. The information couldn’t be validated, but police are interested in who sent that mail. As they seek information about the document and the driver, the people who loved Sheila most, are holding out hope for a long overdue apology.

“Just to say we are so sorry that we took a life away from you, and a little sister. There were five of us. You took a life.”

If you think you might know something about the driver or crash that killed Sheila Rosati, you’re urged to contact Hudson Police. Call Detective Alan Marcotte at 603-816-2280 or via email at, or Detective William Kew at 603-816-2243 or via email at If you’d like to remain anonymous, call the department’s Crime Line at 603-594-1150.


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