By David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) – They’re big, bold and beautiful. Murals are coming to life this week all over Worcester as part of a project that aims to bring art to the people.

There’s a unicorn with balloons, girls playing violins, a giant eagle and a horse rider clutching a lightning bolt.

And then there are the eyes, making you wonder, what do they see?

murals1 Expansive Mural Project Aims To Bring Wow To Worcester

An artist puts the finishing touches on a mural in Worcester. (WBZ-TV)

For the last week 30 artists from around the world have been at work at 11 sites in Worcester, bringing their unique visions to life.

“It’s basically to take art out of the gallery, and put it on the streets for everyone to enjoy,” said Alex Hayes, one of the organizers.

The project is called Pow Wow Worcester – Pow because of the oversized impact, and Wow because that’s what you’ll say when you see the murals.

“Pow Wow is Worcester. It is what Worcester is becoming. It’s a place for the arts, a place for creativity,” says Hayes.

murals2 Expansive Mural Project Aims To Bring Wow To Worcester

A Worcester art project aims to bring color to the community. (WBZ-TV)

Artists Dasic Fernandez, originally from Chile, and Greg Mike from New York have focused their work on several Worcester schools.

“Painting here at a school to hopefully inspire kids through art, and for them to follow their vision,” says Mike.

murals3 Expansive Mural Project Aims To Bring Wow To Worcester

A unicorn mural in Worcester. (WBZ-TV)

The public art project will be finished this weekend, and then it’s up to Worcester to soak it all in.

“I honestly hope they take away a little bit of a smile. As long as you enjoy it in some aspect, whether it’s the time you spent looking at it, a color that you saw or a memory that was brought back to you from seeing that visually,” says Hayes.

“It’s just beautiful. The impact is so evident and it makes you think that this should happen in every single town in the world,” says Dasic Fernandez, one of the artists.

To find out where the murals are, visit the Pow Wow Worcester website.


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