BOSTON (CBS) — The Massachusetts-based Merriam-Webster company, best known for its dictionaries, came out of nowhere on Wednesday with the best Twitter burn of the day.

It all started when the Colts tweeted on Monday using the hashtag “#ColtsForged”, meaning they intend to “forge ahead” with the 2017 season. But the AFC South-rival Titans took the tweet as a ripoff, responding with screenshots of their own “Forge Ahead” tweets along with the dictionary definition of “forged”, ie. fake.

The craziness continued when the Vikings Twitter account called out both teams, claiming they said “Forge Ahead” first back in January 2016. The Colts finally shot back with a screenshot of the definition of “forge” from the Merriam-Webster website, highlighting that the word has literally been in use since the 1200s.

But, since the teams decided to drag them into this mess, Merriam-Webster itself responded with the most savage Twitter takedown of the whole thing – one that Patriots fans will surely appreciate:

The headquarters of Merriam-Webster is located in Springfield, Massachusetts, so it should come as no surprise that whoever runs the Twitter page would be a Patriots fan. But that doesn’t make the tweet any less accurate; Tom Brady is a combined 19-4 in the regular season against the Colts, Titans, and Vikings in his career. Amazingly, the last time Brady lost to any of them was the infamous “Fourth and 2” game against the Colts in 2009.


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