BOSTON (CBS) — Massport is considering charging drivers who come to Logan Airport to drop off or pick up people at terminals.

It’s a proposal from the Conservation Law Foundation.

Traffic in and out of Logan Airport continues to worsen, and we cannot ignore any solution that has the potential to save passengers time while also curbing carbon emissions,” stated the CLF.

Foundation vice president Rafael Mares tells WBZ NewsRadio 1030 it could reduce congestion and air pollution created in part by exhaust from cars idling at the terminals.

“It would be much better for people either to take some kind of form of public transportation. . . that includes Logan Express and the MBTA,” Mares said. “Or it would even be better to park rather than be dropped off and picked up.”


Massport agreed to study the proposal. In return, the foundation will not oppose the airport’s plan for a new parking garage.

Many drivers at Logan did not seem excited by the idea.

“It costs enough to fly somewhere, never mind you have to pay to pick them up while you are sitting in your car,” said one woman.

Another said, “We park our cars, and when we park, we pay. So when we are being picked up we shouldn’t be charged, it’s only fair.”

Mares said this kind of tolling system is in place at the airport in Dallas-Fort Worth and a number of airports in Europe.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

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  1. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

  2. Tom Kenny says:

    Absolutely outraged at this proposal. One more way to make traveling by air a miserable and expensive venture. How much blood can Massport suck out it’s cargo? Because they certainly don’t consider travelers, customers.

  3. They found another way to rob people of their hard earn money

  4. I already pay a fee – my gas to get to the airport, the time I have to sit in traffic, and the tolls I have to pay to get there. I think that is plenty.

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