BOSTON (CBS) — A young boy who drowned in an East Boston pool was honored by hundreds of tow truck drivers Sunday.

Six-year-old Brayden Kelly was found unresponsive in a pool on Trenton Street in East Boston on August 17.

Those who knew the boy said he wanted to be a tow truck driver.

Brayden Kelly (Photo Courtesy: Kelly Family)

Before his wake, over 200 hundred tow truck drivers participated in a procession a few miles long around the city.

“It was great, it was unbelievable,” said William O’Connor, a family friend of the Kellys. “They had it down in Andrews square and traffic was backed up for it and a lot of people didn’t know what it was for so they were getting antsy at the red lights and then I ran over and told them what it was for and then they calmed down but it was real nice.”

Tow truck procession to honor Brayden Kelly (WBZ-TV)

Brayden used to ride around in tow trucks with his uncle.

“His family had a lot of ties to towing and they asked for some tow trucks to show up so we got a bunch of guys together,” tow truck driver David Duff said. “We put the word out, we started getting as many trucks as we could together and we just really wanted to put some sunshine on a horrific day.”

The tow truck drivers signed a stuffed truck for Brayden’s family.

Duff continued, “”If the family could be just a little bit happy and maybe thinking about this when they go to sleep tonight, instead of what they have to deal with. That’s really what it’s all about.”

Brayden’s funeral will be on Monday morning in Dorchester.


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